Optimizing brain health.
Maximizing potential.

Your brain is the hard drive that controls your overall health, performance and relationships. Robertson Brain Health is the most effective non-prescription brain performance improvement program available, leading to outcomes that transform lives.







Hope in the midst of a mental health crisis.

Unlike other brain health programs, ours has been tested on those who have the most physically and emotionally demanding jobs. With a proven track record of being effective for those teams, it can also be very effective for yours.

We’re not just different, we’re better.

Great minds don’t always think alike. This is why we use a proprietary combination of artificial intelligence, predictive analytics, population grouping, and inference logic to deliver plans that are customized for each member of your team’s unique brain chemistry.

Our clients have made up their minds.

After working with Robertson Brain Health, teams in the most stressful occupations were able to change their brain chemistry and improve their quality of life. 

“Robertson Brain Health provides the guidance to make the necessary changes that equip me to work at my peak level.”

Police Chief

“Since adopting this training, I have heard nothing but positives from those employees who have attended.”


“They make the process convenient for the participants, providing classes at your own agency and throughout the day.”


“If you follow the guidelines they give you, it will improve your life.”


“I believe it is an essential tool to assist my team in being the best possible law enforcement officers.”

Chief of Public Safety

“I highly recommend this program as a tool for assisting employees in improving their overall work and personal lives.”

City Manager

“It’s a unique approach to performance and health. It’s truly invaluable.”

Chief Deputy of Law Enforcement

“It has payoffs in our health insurance too.”


Results that offer a real solution.

Robertson Brain Health clients aren’t the only one’s praising the positive outcomes. Our accomplishments have a lot to say, too.

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When asked, 83% of our program participants want to retake our brain assessment again after 2 years because they felt it has improved their quality of life.
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For our clients, 61% of risk inhibitors (health, relationship, and performance) are reduced after the one year mark.

Proven. And smart.

Once you learn more about our process and proven track record, working with Robertson Brain Health will be the smartest choice you’ll ever make.