Our purpose is
better brain health.

Your brain is your hard drive and brain chemistry impacts every aspect of our lives. Brain chemistry imbalances, and the lens we see them through, affect health, performance and relationships. Many people believe an individual’s brain chemistry is hardwired and unchangeable, not only can it be changed, it can be consciously managed. Robertson Brain Health’s proven, non-prescription approach can optimize neurochemical imbalances to improve your perceptions, reduce anxiety and stress, and help you achieve your best health and performance in all aspects of your life.

Robertson Brain Health
Overall Health

Holding ourselves to the
highest standards.

Our values would make any perfectionist proud. We are able to consistently exceed expectations by embracing the following three attributes:


Our scientific approach combines decades worth of brain health expertise with AI derived results (with oversight) from over a 17,000 person database.

Intentional Trust

Our reputation is built upon professionalism and integrity. Taking our job and your concerns seriously, we adhere to HIPAA protocol in all we do.

Results & Outcomes

Our plans are customizable, extremely thorough and effective. We measure our success based on your ability to benefit from the program.

A history of healing.

Robertson Brain Health was founded by Dr. Joel C. Robertson, a widely recognized leader in the scientific understanding of brain chemistry. He is a globally recognized clinician, best-selling author, and sought-after lecturer. Under Dr. Robertson’s leadership and unwavering commitment, our innovative brain health program has guided over 17,000 individuals worldwide to change their brain chemistry for the better. 

Whether it’s mental, physical or spiritual — improved quality of life is the end goal. The Robertson Brain Health team comprises highly educated and qualified individuals who wholeheartedly believe that when given the right tools, most people can achieve optimum brain health. The team you work with will be thoughtfully curated to meet your specific needs and goals. As you’ve probably noticed, nothing we do is by chance.