Reprograming your brain to reach your maximum potential.

When it comes to achieving optimal brain health, you can’t fix something if you don’t know what’s broken. That’s why Robertson Brain Health focuses on identifying the underlying causes of the symptoms before determining an individualized course of action. By optimizing the brain messenger system and addressing the lens which you see the world through, we can provide strategic and maintainable brain health techniques to help you reach your maximum potential. Understanding how your brain functions and creates your truth and logic is under YOUR control.

Limbic System

The limbic system is composed of or connects to: prefrontal cortex, hypothalamus, amygdala, thalmus, hippocampus and pituitary gland. This system determines what lens we see through, the fears or emotions we have, and creates and sorts memory that attaches to our decision-making processes. Or, when negative, creates diseases, moods, and behaviors that aren’t optimal. By understanding how your specific brain operates you can take control of it.

Our Process

Our state-of-the-art program uses AI (with oversight) and data to accurately measure your team member’s brain personality, allowing us to create the most effective, customized plan. Here’s a brief overview of what your team can expect when partnering with Robertson Brain Health:

Step 1

Online Assessment

This HIPAA Compliant assessment is a series of true and false questions that help us gain a clear understanding of your team member’s family history, personal history, environment, symptoms, and any other information relevant to their current brain health.

Step 2

Review Results

Over 287,000 variables are used to generate your team member’s BHAR (Brain Health Assessment and Recommendations). We will review our findings with them in-person and explain the elements of their personalized plan.

Step 3

Seminars + Follow-Up 

Checking in on a regular basis to discuss both pain points and progress allows us to measure how well the program is working. Based on the results your team members are seeing, we can adjust the plan accordingly to improve upon any remaining symptoms or concerns. 

Step 4

Leadership Meetings

We aggregate and anonymously share the intake data report based on our findings and compare you to similar agencies. This data will help us further define the uniqueness of your agency and what program offerings/strategies may be beneficial to your team in the future. Your agency profile will determine your team’s strengths and areas of improvement.

Step 5

Agency Optimization + Refinement

At this point, we determine your agency's unique "pain points" based upon aggregated data and create a unique agency program. Our expert team leverages the teams unique brain profiles and agency data to create seminars with leadership to identify their natural tendencies, strengths and weaknesses, and how to lead others that may think differently.

Our proprietary Protect the Protectors™ program helps those who help us.

The health and safety of first responders, especially as of late, has risen to the forefront of most agencies’ priorities. Depression, suicide, relationship failures and the development of diseases are more prominent within this community. Protect the Protectors™, provided through Robertson Research Institute, our non-profit public charity program, strives to protect those who protect us by improving, managing, and optimizing brain health for better first responder emotional, physical, and mental health. Discover how the Protect the Protectors™ program can improve the performance of your team.